Do You Really Need a Treadmill Mat? Insights from a Service Technician


If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve either already invested in a treadmill; awesome! Or you are considering a treadmill and you’re the type of person who wants to know about all the gear available so you can have the highest chance of success, without wasting unnecessary money. So here we are: the unassuming treadmill mat. As a treadmill service technician, I'm here to provide insight on whether this mat falls under the category of essential or nice-to-have.


What’s a Treadmill Mat?


Imagine a treadmill mat as the superhero's cape for your home gym. It's a straightforward pad positioned beneath your treadmill, serving to safeguard both the treadmill itself and your flooring. You might question its necessity, especially if your treadmill seems to be working just fine. Stay tuned, and I'll show you why this mat holds the potential to be a game-changer.


Where DoesYour Treadmill Live?


Before delving into specifics, let's address the literal ground beneath you – your flooring.


Treadmill on Carpet: Yea or Nay?


Placing your treadmill on carpet is feasible, but a treadmill mat is important to distribute the weight of the treadmill more evenly. This will prevent damage and extend the lifespan of both the carpet and the treadmill. Plus, it adds an extra layer of stability to keep your workout steady and your treadmill in place.


Pro tip: Opt for a mat compatible with carpeting; it provides support without entangling itself in the fibers.


Treadmill on Concrete: What's the Verdict?


Is your treadmill in the garage on a concrete floor? Fear not! Imagine the treadmill mat as a shock absorber; it thwarts vibrations from interfering with your treadmill's inner workings and safeguards the floor's surface.


Pro tip: A shock absorbing mat bestows stability upon your treadmill and maintains the safety of your flooring.


Treadmill and Hardwood Floors: A Compatible Pair?


The allure of hardwood floors is undeniable; however, treadmills can be a tad heavy-handed. Enter the treadmill mat, acting as a cushioned buffer. It prevents your treadmill from leaving marks and extends protection to your elegant flooring.


Pro tip:  Consider an interlocking mat that acts as a puzzle mat and is designed to absorb impact. Also, look for one that's non-slip to keep both your treadmill and your workout steady.


Instances Where the Mat Isn't Imperative


So are there any circumstances where a treadmill mat isn’t necessary? Certainly! If your treadmill resides in a garage or a home gym equipped with rubberized surfaces, you might earn a reprieve and be able to save some money on extra gear. Nonetheless, for most scenarios, the mat is money well spent to protect the investment you made on your treadmill and your floors.


In Closing


As a service technician, my endorsement lies with the treadmill mat. Its significance surpasses mere equipment protection; it contributes to the seamlessness of your workouts. Whether your treadmill takes root on carpet, concrete, or hardwood, the mat wields the influence of a covert weapon. Embrace the decision to invest in one, facilitating the continuation of your strides while preserving the brilliance of your flooring. Stay dedicated to fitness, and onward you go!




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